Covid Deep Clean

In a need of a deep sanitisation clean due to a local COVID-19 outbreak? With the help of the latest scientific evidence and Public Health England research findings, we are proud to have developed an affordable sanitisation service for non-healthcare premises. 

With powerful cleaning products we are able to make the area sterile, without damaging the premises. As well as cleaning the frequently touched surfaces such as taps, handles and surfaces, we can also power vacuum, mop floors and sanitise all the surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms.

In order to remove the virus that may linger in the closed space, we have developed a full disinfection and sanitisation fogging process that uses a powerful virucidal compound, ensuring the complete removal of the virus and halting the outbreak. The specifically designed fogging machines can cover huge areas in the closed spaces to ensure no surface has been left behind;without the need to wipe every surface afterwards. 

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you make your workplace COVID-Free once more. 

In an event of an outbreak, acting fast is extremely important. That’s why we made our team available 24 hours a day to help you get back to the new normal.

Every time we complete a deep sanitisation, you can expect a detailed report that outlines (with photos and videos) all the surfaces and areas covered, and the team member who took charge of that specific area.

To support your company’s operations, we also offer daily and weekly cleans or clients that can’t afford to lose out on production time and require the highest level of sanitisation routine.

It’s not surprising that the spread of this global disease has turned many people into germaphobes and ‘clean freaks’. Ensuring that your company’s premises are cleaned regularly by a professional team gives confidence to your employees to return into the workplace, and more importantly, ensures you prevent the spread of this disease within your workforce. 

The virus, and it’s variants spreads easily from person to person through respiratory droplets that we breathe out; infecting tens of millions in the process and accumulating a very unfortunate death toll.

Our professional coronavirus deep cleaning service prevents local outbreaks, and ensures your company’s operations are as undisturbed as possible. We sanitise all the frequently touched surfaces, floors, furniture and equipment. This requires a unique expertise and critical thinking, as it’s so easy to miss a transmission hotspot if you don’t pay attention to exactly what’s being touched handled by your employees during their daily activities. 

That is why so many people our DMClean’s services, as we use a full sanitisation fogging service to stand out from your standard cleaning companies.

COVID-19 belongs to a group of coronaviruses that affects a person’s respiratory (breathing) system. Although many countries are in the process of developing a vaccine, it is wise to expect our society to adapt to living with the virus, rather than waiting for a return to ‘normal’.

Although the first case was officially reported in Wuhan, China back in December 2019, the virus has now spread across the whole world, and the UK is in the top 10 countries severely impacted by this rapidly spreading disease. 

Some people manage to recover relatively easily within a fortnight but many others end up with long-term health conditions (such as extreme fatigue, loss of breath and dizziness) that persists for months after the sickness, while others have lost their life fighting this terrible sickness.

You might know that this virus is dominating nearly all the news outlets and rightfully so as it is a virus to be feared. It is relatively new and scientists around the world are still working around the clock to study the nature of the virus and learn more about its transmission and long-term impact on the human body.

Taking care in personal sanitisation (such as washing your hands regularly and thoroughly) can help you safeguard yourself and your loved ones, although it does not completely halt the spread of the virus. 

Your workplace and offices are perfect environments to encourage the spread of the disease, as close enclosed spaces allow the virus to circulate in the air and enter our bodies when we least expect it. 

In an event of a local workplace outbreak, it’s crucially important to sanitise all the furniture, fixtures, doors, desks, frames and tables. The virus can land and rest on a surface for set mount of time (the exact duration depends on the material that it rests upon and environmental factors such as temperature and moisture) but we can expect to survive at least 72 hours on the average surface.

We clean office equipment and appliances such as fridges, mouse and keyboards, printers and special machinery, taking care to use the right sanitiser to prevent damages any to your equipment. On business premises, we will also thoroughly sanitise common areas such as staff kitchens, receptions, meeting and board rooms, corridors and lifts and stairways. With DMClean, you can trust us to be as thorough as if it was our own office.

When someone tests positive for COVID-19 in your workplace, you must act fast. Especially if the employee appeared symptomatic (coughing, high temperature and shortness of breath) as coughing enables the virus to spread for huge distances, especially in closed environments.

Our experienced sanitisation team takes care of cleaning any public place, work and educational environments or premises, to disinfect every surface area and enable a safe return of the people back into the area.

We use the most advanced PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) which include a full bodysuit, pharmaceutical standard breathing masks and sanitised equipment between each location of our COVID-19 deep cleaning service. 

We know how important it is to get your workplace ready and safe for your employees to return. Since we began offering a 24-hour emergency response coronavirus cleaning service, we have helped many businesses, schools and workshops bounce back from a local outbreak.

We will clean and sanitise any objects that we believe may have been exposed to the body fluids of a COVID-19 infected individual in the workplace and clean surfaces that your in-house cleaning team is likely to have missed. DMClean is a team of professionals that you can rely on to do the job right. 

It’s very easy to miss commonly touched objects. For example, people often push a heavier door with their palm after opening it with the other hand or the outer surface of washing up liquid in the kitchen area.  

Our attention is on frequently touched areas in the kitchens, offices, bathrooms and rails, but it doesn’t end there. After wiping the surfaces with a specialised solution (we switch the solution depending on the type of surface/electrical components present) we offer something other cleaning services don’t; a sanitisation fogging machine. 

The virucidal fogging equipment has been approved by the UK government and Public Health England. The mist is proven to keep closed spaces sterilised up to 7 days, as it lands and rest on surfaces in the same way the virus would do if exposed to the area. The powerful germicide in the mist can be used regularly as a deep cleaning fogging service, or as emergency one-off sanitisation service. 

The best way to combat the spread of the virus is to prevent the infection in the first place. This relies on being as thorough as possible with personal hygiene of the people in your workplace, which can be enforced with reminding signs, sanitisation stations and most importantly, stressing out the importance of handwashing and social distancing wherever possible.

It should be common knowledge how to wash your hands properly; although government specialists recommend doing so for 20 seconds, we recommend looking at the exact process of handwashing as public health England developed a standardised approach of handwashing for health care professionals over the last few decades! 

Our emergency COVID-19 deep cleaning services are in high demand; which is why we have opened 24/7 services to prevent the spread of the infection as quickly as possible. 

We do not compromise on quality to rush through the process; we are very thorough in our deep cleaning practices. Our rapid emergency response has helped many businesses bounce back and resume your daily operations as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring a safe return of your employees.